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Avoid costly IT expenses, look to the Cloud


Cloud Services

With Infobit as your cloud service provider, using, upgrading and maintaining your IT has never been simpler. Your technology, software and applications are hosted by our team of experts, which means you can eliminate the cost of investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software and training new employees. Cloud services mean you always have the latest versions and features. As a small business you can deploy IT solutions that rival your biggest competitors at a fraction of the cost.
For some companies, a self-hosted Microsoft Exchange server is the best solution. For others, hosting email in the cloud works the best. Hosted (cloud) email can save on hardware costs, data backup, and IT Expenses. We’re happy to give you a free evaluation of your business network and come up with the best solution for you.
These powerful solutions can be designed to meet the unique requirements of your company. If you could benefit from increased market share, greater efficiency or a better bottom line, Cloud Services from Infobit is the answer.

Some other great reasons to choose us

Take the first steps towards increased productivity and reduced stress with InfoBit.

We are a highly trained, dedicated team, helping entrepreneurs, professionals, and small teams streamline success - not just in work, but in life too. We help spare your time to focus on the bigger picture by taking care of the little details.

  • Staff works from our offices in USA
  • Scale up/ down on demand
  • One time or on going projects
  • Hire based on skill set

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